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Even the simplest long distance move can be stressful for a family or business. You can rest assured knowing that you'll be receiving the highest level of service and a worry free interstate move with Armstrong Relocation Services.

 Our staff of moving experts have been thoroughly trained to ensure you'll receive the most professional interstate moving experience and assistance for all of your important relocation needs. We offer a wide range of services to support your needs throughout your move, such as, full-service packing, fragile-only packing, and storage in transit.

Your moving experience should be hassle-free

Although hiring a moving company seems like a big expense;  time is money and you will know you made the right choice once it's all said and done. We at understand that moving can be stressful, so we’ve done the research for you and only recommend moving companies that make your relocation experience as quick and as easy as possible.

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October 12, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

We moved from Texas to Virginia and my husband choose Armstrong Relocation Services to be our movers. We gave a rough estimate over the phone of things we were moving and how many boxes etc we would need. (They packed us also.) They gave us a quote that was binding and we paid our deposit. So we were set. They called 48 hours prior to pick up and showed up on time. Everything went extremely well, by far the best move I've ever had. T

​LaDonna  //  Alexandria, VA

Sept 19, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Armstrong Relocation Services is one of the most professional companies in any industry that I have come across. From the office staff to the movers to their vehicles, it is a quality operation that delivers as promised on all counts. My first contact with them was on the phone with Joy, the sales manager, who was very helpful and informative. The scheduling was perfect and my movers were Jeremy and Nick, who were polite, efficient and generally good guys overall. My move was from Indiana to Iowa and it was from a 3-bedroom apartment to a larger house.

​Nancy  //  Polk City, IA

Sept 28, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I have heard of stories of people who lost half of their stuff during moving. On top of moving costs, they end up spending more to replace the lost and broken stuff. When my turn of moving came, I was so afraid that I will be joining the long list of those who lose almost half of their stuff during moving. But this was never to be. My auntie, who had recently moved, recommended Armstrong Relocation Services. I was so afraid at first but I had to make a hard decision. Once everything was unpacked and arranged, nothing was lost or broken. I’ve never been happier. This company is the best there is in moving

​Sara  //  Washington, DC

August 19, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

After dating for four years, my girlfriend and I decided to live together. Since she lived in Illinois and I in Virginia, I convinced her to come over to my place. However, there was one hurdle to our plan; she wanted to move all her things to my place. She would hear none of my persuasion to sell her stuff since I had all we needed in my apartment. A close friend recommended Armstrong Relocation Services. These guys are pros and they made the movement very easy. My girlfriend never stops praising this company.

​Gerhardt  //  Convington, VA

July 25, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Living with my extended family, I had loads of things to move. Some of the moving companies I approached, asked me to sell some of my stuff to make it easy to move. I wouldn’t do that. Luckily, I stumbled into the website of Armstrong Relocation Services and they said they would take up the moving challenge. I doubted them but it all took two days to move. I wouldn’t believe my eyes. Good work guys!

​Michael  //  Woodland, CA

July 18, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​We were having our furniture and other large items delivered to our new home out of storage and these guys did a great job of handling the bulky and very heavy things. Just want to add that the movers helped us arrange even the items that they had not moved.

​Lian  //  Mercersburg, PA

June 27, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​The team that executed the move deserves more than the five stars than I can give here. They made a very stressful time much easier by being so accommodating and working hard to stick to the schedule. I would recommend them to everyone.

​Bogdan  //  Denver, CO

May 15, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

If you are looking for movers, Armstrong Relocation Services is it, full stop. Don't worry about pricing, about whether the movers will be on time, or about the safety of your stuff - these guys score a 10 on every count. I say this after having used them 6 times now (moving for work). This move was a 1-bedroom apartment in Virginia to another 1-bedroom in New Hampshire. My movers were Tim and Salvatore, and they did a wonderful job, as always. Highly recommended or every move.

​Alexander  //  Hudson, NH

April 20, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I was very nervous because this was my first paid move and we've all seen the horror stories that moving companies are known for. Instead, after the move today, I am very happy to report that Armstrong Relocation Services is a wonderful company who does their job and takes pride in their work. I got a great deal from the office manager, JOY and that is the reason I picked them over the others. Let me say that they are worth every penny!

​Jodi  //  Sacramento, CA

April 4, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

We settled on Armstrong Relocation Services after speaking to five or six other companies. The main reason was their ability to be completely clear about their pricing. The quotes they gave us matched the final price. The moving service was simply perfect. The guys came in, did the packing quietly and quickly and loaded it all up right on schedule. Unloading and unpacking went just as smoothly, no chance for a complaint anywhere – thank you guys!

​Jelfon  //  Mountain View, CA

March 24, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

After my parents died, I did not want to continue living in the same place that had so many memories of them. I wanted to move as soon as yesterday. I did not have the patience to wait and I wanted out as soon as possible. Finding a company that could do the job in a short notice was a challenge. But when I called Armstrong Relocation Services, they said it was doable. In less than a week, all was done and I’m now settled in my new Place in LA. I did not expect things to be these fast and easy. Thanks a million for your help.

​Marietta  //  Los Angeles, CA

March 11, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I rarely have time to write reviews but this time, I decided to make time because I had a fantastic experience with Armstrong Relocation Services. This company is one of the best-run moving companies in the country, and I say that as someone who has worked in the industry in the past. We were very happy with the way our queries and issues were handled by Joseph, who is their customer service person, and the way the movers did their job without any drama, delays or damage

​Currey  //  Los Angeles, CA

February 21, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​There are no words to express how happy I am with my movers. They adhered to my rather tight schedule and even assisted us with unpacking to speed things up even when we hadn't ordered the service. Thank you and God bless!

​Corrie  //  Atlanta, GA

February 10, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Moving over long distances is the last thing I expected in my life. But life is full of surprises and one of them came when I had to move from California to Florida. I was happy since I was joining the rest of my family over there but I wouldn’t say the same about the burden of moving. But I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across Armstrong Relocation Services as I browsed the internet for a mover. After going over customer comments, I dialed their number and it was a done deal.

​Nichols  //  Miami, FL

January 19,  2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

We had to move at short notice and chose literally the first movers we came across. Fortunately, it was Armstrong Relocation Services! Everything about this company is top notch, from the customer service to their speed to their pricing. We are really grateful that they managed to slot us into their schedule at the last minute and still pull off such a great move. A lot of the praise is owed to Sam and Kirk, the two movers who handled everything with such great skill and an even better attitude. Use these guys, everyone!

​Jordan  //  San Jose, CA

January 11, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Great communication, great pricing, great service. That sums up my experience with Armstrong Relocation Services. I was moving from Virginia to New Hampshire after getting married and needed a reliable company to handle a lot of valuable and fragile items from my 3-bedroom home. These guys came highly recommended by a number of my friends and colleagues and I am happy to report that they deserve every bit of that praise. Movers were punctual, polite and hardworking. All my queries were handled by Blake from their office. I highly recommend Armstrong Relocation Services.

​Seth  //  Manchester, NH

Dec 31, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

When my retirement came, I couldn’t wait to leave Washington DC and spent some quality time in my Texas ranch. I had a lot of things I couldn’t leave behind so I spent some time looking for good mover who will not only get the job done but will also offer competitive rates. I came across Armstrong Relocation Services but was not so quick to call them. I went over customer reviews. It was all positive comments and I knew I had hit the jackpot. I made the choice and if I had to do it all over again, this is the company I will choose.

​Tito  //  Houston, TX

Dec 21, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

We moved 22 times as a result of 40 years' worth of federal service and the move with Armstrong Relocation is the most reasonable and the best move experience we ever had. The lady that did the estimate did a tour of our house virtually because we had it listed for sale online.  It was incredible how accurate she was, in looking at the house, talking to me, and then putting the estimate together. I couldn't say enough good things about her.

​Bendrix  //  Savannah, GA

Dec 14, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I do keep a lot of fragile stuff in my house. When it was my first time to move, I did not expect that half of my stuff will make to the other side. I was surprised to find all my things intact after moving across two states to my current residence. Armstrong Relocation Services ensured that nothing was broken and I couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to anyone. The best movers ever! Will definitely use them again.

​I  //  Brookville, OH

Nov 30, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

It is only 3 days since I moved into my new house and I already feel like home. Armstrong Relocation Services ensured that everything was delivered in perfect condition and placed to its rightful place. I did not expect to be settled so fast but thanks to this company, we are missing nothing from our old home. It was the best moving experience ever. The next time I move, it will definitely be using this company.

​Lonnie  //  Rocklin, CA

October 27,  2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​I move often because of my job but this was the first time using this company. However, the great experience means that I will use them again whenever possible. They were efficient, polite and very careful with all my items. Use them!!!

​Sawyere  //  Chicago, IL

Sept 22, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​Just moved a 2-bedroom house from NJ to CA… and it was great! A special thank you to my two movers – Mark and Tommy. They did a wonderful job of what was a complicated move involving stairs, narrow passages and lots and lots of our stuff! I cannot forget to mention that Joy from the LDVL office is also an essential part of the team and maybe even the most important cog in the wheel who makes sure that everything runs so smoothly. The move went off without problems, and the service was fast and professional. Recommending these guys is a no-brainer.

​Elisa  //  Los Angeles, CA

Sept 14, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

This review is the direct result of the excellent level of service and customer satisfaction that Armstrong Relocation Services provided. I would like to mention three people in particular – Jay from the office and Johnny and Mike, the actual movers. Together, they from the backbone of this company that will keep satisfied customers like me returning to them and recommending their speed, safety and professionalism to anyone who will listen. These guys do what they do because they love their jobs and it shows. A 5-star experience, through and through.

​Linn  //  Gainesville, FL

Sept 3, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

There are no words to describe how happy I am with the move Armstrong Relocation Services did for me. It was such a fantastic change from the drama, anxiety and confusion that I had the last two times I moved! I was moving my 1-bedroom place from Illinois to California and Paul and Andrew handled it all perfectly. I can’t thank them enough for how well they did their job and went out of their way for me. For the price of the service, this is probably the best investment I have ever made.

​Debra  //  Walnut Creek, CA

​April 17,  2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I wouldn't want anyone to go through what most other people are going through during their failed relocations. It is the dream of everyone to have a smooth relocation, and I can help you find a mover who will ensure the same. Armstrong Relocation Services accorded me a relocation I was looking for when preparing to move and you should consider using them too. I recommend them since I saw how they did everything and there is no way it was luck. They knew what they were doing.

​Robin  //  Appleton, WI

​March 8, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​That was amazing to have you around during my relocation last week. My young son couldn't get enough of all of you and is asking when you will be back again. Your hard work played a central role in making sure that the relocation was smooth and flawless. I was impressed by the manner you handled everything and ensured that nothing was misplaced or broken. Thank you!

​Peggy  //  Seattle, WA

March 27,  2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I had lost faith in the relocation industry after two of my colleagues lost stuff during their move. And when my time to relocate came, I promised myself to find a mover that would ensure the safety of everything on transit. It was also important since my wife and I were expecting, and we didn't want anything messing things up. So after a week or so of researching, Armstrong Relocation Services turned out to be the mover who would stop at nothing to ensure that their clients were satisfied, and they did. My relocation was smooth and efficient for my small family, and I believed again.

​Leland  //  Damariscotta, ME

March 8, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I should note that I had a good time during our relocation to California mid last month. My husband and I had agreed to go to a bigger house in the state, and the task of finding a mover was his. He found Armstrong Relocation Services to execute the relocation, and they did a good job. The crew for one was friendly and courteous from the time they showed up at the time we were relocated. It is them that made me enjoy the relocation. We ended up with all our stuff, and nothing was damaged.

​Paula  //  Wichita, KS

March 5,  2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

It was my first relocation, and I had almost zero clues about what happens during a long distance relocation. I, however, didn't want to show so that the guys in charge of the relocation don't take advantage of it. It was amazing to see that the team from Armstrong Relocation Services, a mover recommended to me by my elder brother, didn't care if it was my first relocation or not. They did their job and made sure that everything was in order. They did all the difficult jobs, and I was just walking around with the supervisor.

​Iness  //  Los Angeles, CA

​February 20, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

You are damn wrong if you think that I will be looking elsewhere for a relocating company the next time I am moving. I'll pass. Since my relocation that was handled by Armstrong Relocation Services, I am confident that I will use them again. They are nothing like the other movers, and for that, they will be in charge of every relocation I have. I liked their dedication and the fact that they did everything to ensure that my relocation was smooth.

​Ryan  //  Highland Lakes, NJ

​February 8,  2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I have seen my relatives and friend relocating, both long distance and in-state relocations but I have never seen any other mover offering services like Armstrong Relocation Services. I moved to Long Island early this month, and I had them stewarding the relocation. They made my relocation one of its kind. You should have been there when they got the ball rolling. Their organization was evident from the time they started packing to the time they were off-loading from their heavy trucks.

​Katherine  //  Tombstone, AZ

​November 13, 2017

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I enjoyed working with Armstrong Relocation Services mainly because of the way they were doing what they do best. I wasn't sure that they were the right people to have in the relocation until after a few minutes of working with them. My belongings were all handled with care to ensure that nothing was damaged in any way. Their service delivery is just out of this world, and you will want them to relocate you when you are moving.

​Landon  //  Fairfax, VA

​November 6,  2017

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

A long distance relocation is best executed by a mover who has experience. One can anticipate a problem before it even happens and one such a mover is Armstrong Relocation Services. I used their services, and it was a clear indication that they had done such relocations before. They didn't have any problem executing the move and took measures to ensure that everything in the house was delivered safely. It is their many years in the industry that made me feel like I was in the right hands. Nothing was broken or damaged in any way. You will want to use them when moving.

​Rachel  //  Mesa, AZ

​September 8, 2017

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I was looking for a place that would move our piano. We have a stunning Korg grand piano and so I was concerned about that. I went online and Armstrong Relocation Services was the first one that popped up. They also responded right away. I made sure they understood that the piano was my first concern and that they knew what to do with it. I wanted to know if they knew how the piano needed to be handled to successfully move it and that they're not just heavyweights who could move it. I talked to a man initially and he seemed to be very knowledgeable. I had one person who was a little crabby but everyone else was absolutely wonderful. And the actual movers were very friendly, thorough and did a very good job.

​Julie  //  Concord, CA

August 25,  2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​If I had known moving could be this easy, I would have moved sooner! Armstrong Relocation Services gave us a flawless moving experience from the time we first contacted them for a quote. Their support staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and we felt like we were dealing with professionals right from the start. I was hoping the movers would be just as good and wasn’t disappointed – John, Mike and Nick did a fantastic job from the moment they arrived. I’ll be recommending these guys to everyone I know!

​Osbourn  //  Houston, TX