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  • ​​​A+ rated on the BBB
  • ​Premium Moving Services
  • ​Binding Estimates Provided
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  • ​Long Distance Moving Services
  • ​Standard Liability Coverage

What Features Matters Most in a Moving Company?

Looking to move across town? To a nearby state? Across the country? Choosing the right moving company can sometimes feel complex and difficult. For many, planning a move can be difficult. Long distance moves are handled with the same dedication and care as short distance moves but require a bit more planning and coordination.

Our goal is to simplify the process by focusing on the things that matter to you. Hiring a full-service, partial service or standard service mover, their expertise will make your experience much easier.

No matter what type of relocation you’re dealing with, here are some things to look for when searching for a reliable moving company:

  1. Customer Service 

Moving is very much a labor-intensive job and the quality of the service relies on the quality of the people involved. From the salesperson who provides you with a quote, to the agent that brokers your move, to the crew and drivers handling your belongings; Reviews only recommends companies that offer top quality customer service from experienced professionals you can trust.  Our most important responsibility is to give our customers quality assurance.

  1. Professional Drivers Reviews only shows you moving companies that offer a safe and reliable means of getting your household supplies and personal belongings anywhere in the United States.

For many, driving across the country can be difficult. We make sure that you remain in total control along the way, always knowing where your items are throughout the entire moving process. It’s about your time, your schedule, and your needs, ensuring safe handling of your items, door to door.

Our top recommended movers all have the proper licensing and insurance needed to move you legally. Background information on the company to make sure they are legitimate is always recommended by Reviews.

  1. Packing & Unpacking 

The key to protecting your belongings during a move is proper packing. Our recommended moving companies have the professional experience necessary to get the job done right for your peace of mind. We only match you with companies that have a reputation of packing our customers belongings with care. No matter how special or fragile, these trusted movers can take care of it. Consider white glove service when relocating delicate items such as sculptures, artwork, grandfather clocks, heirlooms, china, and glassware. Movers will make sure that every piece of furniture is handled with care and is delivered safely and to its proper place.

  1. Loading & Unloading

Hire movers that can help you load and unload your stuff. Our professional movers bring all the big equipment you’ll need for your move. There is no need to worry about having an extra dolly or ramp the morning of your move. Moving large furniture alone can be difficult, if not dangerous! Our professional movers are efficient and make sure that your moving day does not turn into moving night.

  1. Moving Supplies Reviews can recommend you full-service moving companies that provide a wide selection of moving supplies and packing materials Sturdy, heavy-weight cardboard boxes are available in common and custom sizes, including shipping boxes, file boxes, wardrobe boxes, mattress bags, packing tape, bubble wrap and moving pads.

  1. Moving Coverage

It does not matter if you are moving across town or across the country. When it comes to moving, anything can happen. Finding a mover with basic liability coverage is so important. Reviews will never recommend you a moving company that does not offer you top-quality moving coverage. Our recommended moving companies offer you full-value coverage and protection plans that eliminate risk to give you a piece of mind.

  1. Storage options

Some moves require a little flexibility. Need to pack your belongings for a move but have to wait a few weeks for their arrival? If this is the case, you might decide to use a portable moving container or need a storage company instead. Reviews will match you with a company that can offer you climate controlled storage facilities that are a secure, clean and great solution for a smooth transition from one home to another.