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​​​International Relocation Solutions is the nation's premier long distance moving company.
Trust our award winning team to move your belongings safely and secure.  We are accredited movers with highly trained moving crews. We offer packing and unpacking services. Our team also specialize in corporate relocation.

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December 19, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

We were moving from North Carolina back to Florida where we came from and I went online and looked for a moving company. International Relocation Solutions was very good, and the guy who came in to pick up our furniture and deliver it was awesome. Every time I called, I had a different guy who helped me with the move. Then in the end, I got a guy who stuck with me. He was just a little hard to get a hold of and to get them to respond back. When it was getting closer, I was getting a little bit nervous, but he did call back. The moving crew was awesome. Everything came back in time. I was given a quote of being there later and they were here on the 2nd to bring out our stuff. If anybody ever asked me and they were moving and they wanted to use a company, I would recommend International Relocation Solutions.

​Michelle  //  San Antonio, TX

December 15, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​Our experience with International Relocation Solutions was great from beginning to end. Being able to get an estimate by uploading video was super convenient and saved a lot of time. The service representatives were all courteous and answered all questions and concerns. I wasn’t sure how working with movers who give a 3-day window for pick up would go, but they called me a few days before to coordinate and offered to come a day earlier than scheduled as well as ask me what time best suited us. Mike and Alex made an exceptional moving team. They were super friendly and patient with our toddler running around and very professional with how they packed our boxes and prepared our furniture for loading. We were extremely impressed with these guys and we’ve moved A LOT. They were careful, cautious, and quick. Our things arrived right when they said they would and Mike and Alex’s team had our things put together and unloaded in no time. Great Service!

​Annie  //  Huntsville, AL

November 14, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​I was moving from Florida to Iowa and went with International Relocation Solutions. However, the process had a tendency to get confusing as to who was who and who did what. While all their reps seemed to be fine, I would talk to one person and they would transfer me to somebody else. I didn't like the huge window of when the move could happen. Also, International Relocation Solutions gave me really short notice when I thought there would be more notice in that huge window. I had wanted to be picked up last and delivered last -- because we were in Florida and we were selling a house, and we wanted to be sure we had time to get the things picked up. Instead, they picked us up last and immediately went to Iowa. Because we had to fly home, that made it kinda tough. That's weighing in the favor of International Relocation Solutions to where they keep all their flexibility but they eliminate a lot of their customer’s flexibility. That time, I had already bought our airline tickets and hotel rooms.

​Steve  //  The Villages, FL

October 12, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I was moving to Florida and I asked my daughter to help me find a moving company. She found International Relocation Solutions that was based in Florida and we thought that it would work out well because the drivers and the workers will end up back at their home base. Their price was fair because they charge by the weight. I had three workers. One was the driver, but he had to help load also. And then the other two were doing most of the work. The driver did most of the paperwork. But they all worked very hard. I was called by one of the representatives at International Relocation Solutions while they were helping me and loading the truck, to see if they were doing a good job. I told him they were doing a good job and he said I have their best crew, which I was glad to hear. They were very careful with my belongings. I had no damage. They packed it up and then they drove to Florida

​Laurni  //  Anthem, AZ

Sept 11, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

We relocated to Wyoming and used International Relocation Solutions for the move. We talked with the moving consultant about number of boxes, and it all went very well. And the estimate went very well, too. We had quite a few conversations with our moving coordinator because there was some difficulty getting the truck there because of the weather. The truck was stuck in Reno for several days because of storms and they shut down the highway. And then, once the driver got started again, he broke down in California. So there was another day's delay. So, we had quite a few interactions with the coordinator, and they were all very satisfactory.

​Joe  //  Oregon City, OR

August 9, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​My son was moving out to Orlando from Dallas and at the time, I was trying to evaluate whether it was worth it to pay for professional movers or do it ourselves with the U-Haul. Dory, International Relocation Solutions' rep, was able to offer a service wherein the cost was by the pound. I itemized the list and the rep gave me an allotment of boxes by the size. We were then able to get our son packed up. Also, I didn’t have to load it and drive a U-Haul truck myself. That worked out really well for us. I was also impressed with how Dory was able to make that work and within our budget.

​Daylene  //  Mckinney, TX

July 5, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Move From Omak to Reno. The driver/movers were polite and efficient at both ends. At the delivery end the driver/mover provided extra value moving items to storage uphill! The move was accomplished within the given time parameters. The cost estimates were accurate.

​Gail  //  Reno, NV

June 1, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​International Relocation Solutions' rep was great. I requested local and overnight storage from them. The crew who arrived was good and did their job very well.

​Stephanie  //  Boca Raton, FL

February 26, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I was moving at the end of the lease and I spoke with the moving rep from International Relocation Solutions, and it was a very cordial interaction. Very pleasant, no pressure, very efficient and effective. Also, the moving crew was pleasant, very efficient, helpful, cordial and respectful. I would definitely recommend them because I did several other inquiries, so I did some comparison shopping. They were the most affordable, and so initially, I thought that I would get what I pay for, but that was not true. They actually exceeded expectations. The crew worked hard to ensure I was happy with the entire process from the start with the initial consultation, the planning until the arrival of the actual moving through. International Relocation Solutions helped out a lot and they were very professional. They did what they said they were going do and they didn't mess up anything. The move was three miles and they moved four rooms and a kitchen. We did the packing and the moving crew was perfect.

​Michelle  //  Hillsboro, NC

February 22, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I would recommend International Relocation Solutions. My moving coordinator was very helpful. I had to end up making a couple of stops from my original destination, intermediate stops, and then the final destination, and she helped coordinate that, so it was a really good experience. The day of the move went well, except for one bad incident. One of the moving guys stepped in dog poop and brought it inside and walked across a custom rug I had had made. And so, I had to call the company that made the rug to see because I had contracted them, and they will clean the rug for free, but I didn't wanna leave poop until I could get them here to clean the rug. So, they told me what I could do in the interim and so we did that until they could get to my home to clean it the way it should be cleaned professionally.

​Angela  //  Whitsett, NC

January 17, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​The International Relocation Solutions moving rep Toni was excellent. We’ve moved twice in the last six months and we used the same rep both times, and she was great. We sold our house and moved out of it, and we had to go to a storage unit in an apartment and then come from that apartment and stored unit into a new house. She helped us get both of those lined up and squared away. This last time, we had some challenges with timing, so she was very patient, kind and happy to reschedule. Leslie was the one who called to confirm and at the last minute, we had to make a change. She and Toni worked together to make it work for us. So, they were both extremely helpful.

​Tanya  //  Colfax, NC

January 16, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​International Relocation Solutions' rep was great. She made everything pretty easy. The movers who came to my house were professional and pretty fast. They were very helpful too and brought blankets to cover my furniture. Everything went smoothly.

​Troy  //  Greenboro, NC

December 9, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I bought a new house here in Wisconsin and I was relocating. I found International Relocation Solutions on the internet and the coordinator came in before the movers. He was very nice and although most of our stuff was done on the phone, he came in and looked at my stuff to give me an estimate. Outside of a few large items, I did all the packing myself but I had a very good experience with the movers. They were great, very courteous, clean and efficient. It was a fabulous experience with International Relocation Solutions.

​Theo  //  Harlem, NY

November 28, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​I was really pleased with the movers that we had through International Relocation Solutions. We had a 4,100 square-foot house, and every single one of the movers were organized. They were on-task and were really good. We had several antiques, and the people were really considerate of how to move the items. Just the old things were broken, the things that couldn't stand up to be strapped. We have an antique desk that the front got pushed in, then we had two Turkish coffee pots and the lid on one was broken. We had insurance and I filed an insurance claim, and it came up with four things for a total of $2,000 in damages.

​Judy  //  Chesapeake, VA

November 22, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Moving from Salinas, California to Alva, Florida, we used International Relocation Solutions and everything was set up fine. We panicked, though, because the storage facility that had all our things decided last minute to close on the scheduled pickup, which was a holiday. We had a really hard time getting through to someone because International Relocation Solutions' office was also closed and it was after hours. But it ended up working out because they never showed up on that day anyway. And we didn't get a call, so we figured maybe it was just assumed that it was a legal holiday.

​Amelia  //  Salinas, CA

October 19, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​A friend recommended International Relocation Solutions and I had a good experience with them. The guy who helped me was a good communicator and kept me informed. The crew was very nice as well. They were very hard workers. They got my stuff put into the truck and shipped within a week.

​Karen  //  Delray Beach, FL

October 14, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

International Relocation Solutions was pretty good. I was moving for a job opportunity and my company arranged everything with. I just coordinated with the logistics of the arrival and the delivery of the goods. I directed the crew on which items to take first and second and then, which ones were delicate and which ones needed to be handled with a little bit more care.

​David  //  Lakewood Village, TX

September 10, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​I heard about International Relocation Solutions through the relocation company with my work. Everything was truly exceptional right from the communication in setting up times in pickups and even to the guys who picked up everything and packed and loaded. It was well-handled. The gentleman that they sent did tough work such as packing, moving, lifting, twisting, bending, reaching and dealing with traffic but they did a fantastic job. It was awesome. I've moved three times but this is the best time. This is the first time that I used International Relocation Solutions and I would totally use them again.

​Jeffrey  //  Chapel Hill, NC

September 6, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

We were moving from Raleigh, North Carolina to Griffin, Georgia and my wife went online and found International Relocation Solutions. The rep who assisted us was very congenial, supportive, and patient. It was good. Also, the movers were very cooperative and polite. They got to the location the next day and we had no problems at all.

​Alvin  //  Knightdale, NC

August 26, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​I started out just trying to get a general quote from International Relocation Solutions and when one of the customer service representatives called back, he said that they recently worked with me on a concierge move for my employer. He said he would give me a quote and that was followed up by a return phone call from my previous concierge through Angela, the service representative. She was the one who went through the process with me. We decided to go on a fixed-price firm quote rather than the one based on weight. The weight estimate sometimes fluctuate, so we went with a fixed-price. Then, she talked to their concierge vice-president who also spoke with me. He called to make sure that everything was doing okay and that the concierge service would be taking over from the customer service department, which I agreed to. They offered me a $500 discount as a repeat customer.

​Thomas  //  Enterprise, AL

August 19, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

The rep from International Relocation Solutions who assisted me was very helpful. She called back and checked on me ‘cause we were building a house, so the date was kind of like up in the air. And she was more than willing to check back in it with me to make sure that I didn’t forget and that I knew that she was available. She sent me everything I needed to know about the pricing too. The moving crew was great as well. It was hot and they were more than willing during the move. I felt bad. I was like, “Oh, I’m sorry. That goes upstairs.” They were like, “Okay.” They were really helpful. Everything was great. I would recommend International Relocation Solutions.

​Michelle  //  Browns Summit, NC

Just 17, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​With my husband's passing, I sold my home of 30 years and moved from North Carolina to Montana. I googled moving companies and there were a whole bunch of them that came up. International Relocation Solutions really helped me with their rate and seemed to give me the best price. I went 2,200 miles away from home and it was quite expensive moving that far. I had to get rid of an awful lot of stuff before I moved, yet it still cost me $10,000. And now, I’ve got most of my stuff in storage and I haven't unpacked much but I was happy that it was delivered quickly. It's just that I got a couple of little dents and scratches on my antiques and I just got one leg on my 1700s antique where a piece of wood is gone. Other than that, everything is okay so far. Dealing with their rep went fine and they called me quite often.

​Edwinna  //  North Myrtle Beach, SC

June 11, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​I have a colleague who recommended JB Hunt Movers. Everything was fine with my experience with them. T​I've been online and have looked for long distance movers. I looked at reviews and they were narrowed down to 3, and one of them was International Relocation Solutions. When I spoke to the representatives for the 3 companies that were highlighted, I kind of felt much more comfortable with the information that International Relocation Solutions gave me and the questions they asked. I didn't feel pressure whatsoever, compared to the other two. I told my son-in-law, and he researched as well. He said, "Go with it," so we did.

​Maggie  //  Brevard, NC

June 10, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​One moving company was very pushy, and I did not like that. I was thinking International Relocation Solutions was not pushy. Their sales rep turned out to be informative. We did it on my schedule and was quick. I enjoyed talking to her. Plus she gave me an accurate estimate. We got it all done. The three moving crew were also great. They were fast, but I could tell they weren’t trying to beat the clock, and I appreciated that. They were also easy to get along with. Everything was good and I recommend them.

​Kia  //  Greensboro, NC

May 8, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I had to move 800 miles from Kansas City to New Mexico. I was desperate since it was late and I was gonna get a U-Haul and pack it ourselves. However, the more I thought about it, the less attractive that was. Also, there wasn't a U-Haul big enough for my stuff. So, I was gonna have to have two, but then I decided to just hire someone to get it done. I looked up online and International Relocation Solutions was the first one that came up. I made a call. The reps who assisted me were very helpful. They kept me informed when they were gonna pick up because it was always a question. They'd give you a 48-hour window, but you never really know when they'd come. The moving crew was nice, too. The only thing was they showed up with my truck, but they only had an hour left on their time. So, they couldn't unload everything and what I needed was buried. Still, it was fine. The movers worked hard and we survived. International Relocation Solutions was really helpful.

​Peter  //  Kansas, KS