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​​​​ProMaster Movers is a local and long-distance moving company that prides itself on being a one-stop-shop. Whether you are moving in-state or cross country, ProMaster Movers will be with you along the way. In addition to relocation services, ProMaster Movers will happily store your belongings as well as provide auto-transport options should driving not be feasible. Click the ‘get a quote’ button to get in contact with ProMaster Movers for a free quote today.

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March 25, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​I went with another moving company and they left me high and dry with movers not showing up on the moving date and said it was my fault in scheduling. ProMaster Movers was next on my list and they came a week later right on time and straight to work. Two movers showed up and unpacked my apartment in a little over 3 hours. We moved me into my new loft in downtown in under a day and I couldn’t be happier with their level of professionalism. There's a reason pro is in their name as it definitely was top level service.

​Rickie  //  Jupiter, FL

March 8, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​Had ProMaster Movers move my friends and I to Colorado earlier this summer and was glad enough with their level of service to leave a review. Most moving companies quoted us a much higher figure for our move than ProMaster Movers. Not only were they cheaper but they could actually move us on the perfect day (last day of our rental agreement). Movers were on time and really professional as they went about their business. The truck had plenty of space and our move was flawless. ProMaster Movers will be used next time I have to move as well.

​Dina  //  San Antonio, TX

​February 23, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​Happy to be writing this review for ProMaster Movers. They did a great job moving my family and I to El Paso Texas from Oklahoma. We scheduled my move for a Friday and I was moved in by the following week. I loved the job the movers did and they were really helpful and extremely careful with my belongings. ProMaster Movers even followed up with us to make sure the move went well and if there was anything to be improved upon.

​Karen  // El Paso, TX

​February 9, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​We went with ProMasters Moving for our moving company because of the quote we received after speaking to them. Seemed more than reasonable for our move and they scheduled us right for our exact moving date. Our moving crew did a good job with some of the heavier items we had. But they did a good job and secured everything well in the truck. They showed up on time at our new home and were great at unloading too. ProMasters Moving is providing a great service.

​Andy  //  Fort Worth, TX

​January 24, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​I did a lot of research before choosing ProMaster Movers for my move last spring. After talking to them on the phone for a little while, I knew they were the company for me. The next phase was counting up all my belongings I would be moving then scheduling the move. The movers showed up on time and I was very impressed with how they worked. ProMaster Movers did an incredible job.

​Eddie  //  Seattle, WA

​January 8, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​The representative from ProMasters Moving did an amazing job helping us with our move and were even available on the weekends to answer our questions. Moving can be stressful but they seemed really willing to help us whenever they possibly could. Our moving date was actually scheduled and there was a storm coming to the north east and our movers called us a few days earlier to see if it was possible to come sooner. That was definitely a big help and we got the move done before the storm arrived. ProMasters Moving overall did an excellent job.

​Rachel  //  Long Island, NY

​December 20, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​My first time doing a long distance move without driving my own truck. ProMaster Movers eased all my worries about my stuff being damaged yet somehow managed to pull it through. Our moving team was great and had my entire home loaded up quickly but efficiently. It didn’t hurt that my quote for the move was really quite reasonable and our entire schedule we set up as promised was delivered on. My home ware arrived a week later right on time and ProMaster Movers made this all a breeze.

​James  //  Silver Spring, MD

​December 13, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​​Pro Masters Moving had the moving team to my house in Florida by the following week. They were professional and packed up my apartment within a few hours. I was moving on a holiday weekend so I thought it may not have been possible but Pro Masters Moving made it happen. The move went well and our movers showed up in southern Idaho without a problem and exactly on time. Very easy going experience and I will definitely be using them again when I move in a few years.

​Jennie  //  Daytona, FL

November 19, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​After some research online I found Pro Masters Moving and they had a lot of good reviews / recommendations. My initial phone call went well with Pro Masters Moving and my moving date was set. We were moving our family to New York and the moving agent seemed very knowledgeable about the city - and how long moving takes. The hardest part was just waiting for our stuff but it came right in our moving window, so no fault there. Great job by everyone on the Pro Masters Moving team and thanks for sending us great movers.

​Lucas  //  Secaucus, NJ

​November 5, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​​The representative from ProMasters Moving who helped me gave me a great quote for my move to California. And when he called me a few days before my move I knew I had gone with the right company. ProMasters Moving moved my entire apartment into the truck within a matter of hours and were on the road all night to my new home. After arriving in the morning, they went right to work within a few minutes and we had the truck unloaded shortly after. I gave the movers a little tip for working so well too - great job ProMasters Moving.

​Allen  //  Oak Ridge, TN

​October 21, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​My husband and I closed on a close and needed to move in a hurry and ProMasters Moving was the only company that could move us when by the following week in our moving window. It didn’t hurt that their estimate for moving us was VERY reasonably priced as well. Our movers showed up right on time and moved us out of our old home in Georgia. ProMasters' movers arrived on schedule at our new home in South Florida too! Great work by a great team.

​Natalie  //  Kendall, FL

​October 11, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​Had to relocate for work and it was going to be quite a long move from North Carolina to Arizona. There was no way I could drive my own truck that far so I looked around for some reputable moving companies. I am glad I found ProMaster Movers as they delivered on their namesake. ProMaster Movers gave me a great price, the movers did a fantastic job, and they arrived at my new home with all my furniture right on time.

​Henry  //  Flagstaff, AZ

​September 24, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​I went with ProMaster Movers because of all the good reviews and when I called they really sounded like the knew what they were doing. The price was decent enough and my moving date was organized in 30 minutes max. After we went over everything I was moving of course. Our movers did a good job and arrived on time for our pickup. The moving went as about as well as it could have gone - and all our stuff was delivered in our delivery window we had set up prior. ProMasters Movers did a great job.

​Katherine  //  Arlington, TX

September 9, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​The movers at ProMasters Moving went above and beyond everything I expected during my move. Right from the very beginning they were professional and went straight to work. The agent I spoke to gave me a good quote on my move and everything went as promised. The timelines I received fit exactly with my moving and closing dates. Great work from everyone at ProMasters Moving.

​Claudia  //  Topeka, KS

August 3,  2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​We hired ProMasters Moving last summer and used them for moving to South Carolina. The guys showed up on time and were easy to get along with. The glass stuff we had was carefully wrapped and placed in the truck. They were professional the whole time and the customer service we received was stellar. Our moving coordinator and the movers made it all so simple - everything was as promised.

​Jan  //  Raleigh, NC

​August 1, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​​ProMasters Moving helped me since my initial phone call and they provided me amazing service throughout the moving process. We packed up my entire house in about 1 day and then hit the road. Our moving window was perfect for our time frame and they took great care to protect all my belongings. I would recommend ProMasters Moving to everyone I know - especially people trying to move a long distance.

​Don  //  Greenville, SC

​July 29, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​I moved from North Carolina to Florida and used ProMasters Moving - it all went really well. The moving representative from the company counted up all the stuff I would be shipping and how big of a moving team I would need. The price was great and the movers showed up right on time. All my stuff was transported great and the movers took special care with my expensive chairs.

​Richard  //  Tampa Bay, FL

​July 21, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​Don’t usually post reviews but everyone at ProMasters Moving were top notch in terms of professionalism. Everyone was fantastic and the price given to me was too good to pass up on. I found Pro Masters Moving online and the quote given to me was lower than anyone else. My belongings were picked up on time and delivered all in one piece. Their service was first class and I appreciate everything they did for my moving experience.

​Sean  //  Jackson, MS

​July 12, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​My family and I decided to go with ProMasters Moving after the quality of their representative was shown to us through our initial phone call. They were thorough and extremely helpful in determining how much we needed to actually move. Our move was a 4 bedroom home and ProMasters Moving said it would take just under a day to pack up. Very pleased with their level of service and our items were delivered on time as promised.

​Laura  //  Melbourne, FL

​June 28, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​​I secured a residential move with ProMasters Moving after comparing them to quotes from some other companies. The man who assisted me was thoughtful and stayed in contact with me during the moving process. The two guys who picked up my stuff were nice and packed the truck up well. They arrived on time at my new home and showed me how to unwrap them after the furniture was in position. ProMasters Moving did well from beginning to end.

​Denise  //  Boulder, CO

​June 24,  2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​Working and having two kids I was on a strict budget for moving and I tried to book well in advance to secure a great price before “moving season”. ProMasters Moving secured a very cheap price for the move and promised there would be no price increase at all. The team was hardworking and the movers were very respectful of my requests. ProMasters Moving delivered on all their promises.

​Sandra  //  New Orleans, LA

May 12, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​​Used ProMasters Moving for a long distance move in March. The guy I spoke to worked with me on the price and how to pay for the packing/shipping of my home. My only deadline was that my stuff needed to be in my new home by March 18 which would be well within the range they gave me. I shipped everything to my new home without a problem, and will definitely refer my friends to ProMasters Moving.

​Jake  //  Hunnington, WV

May 4, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​ProMasters Moving was a good choice for us. Our entire household was accounted for and the estimate was well within our budget for moving. Movers arrived right on time and there were no surprise fees. A few paintings I had which I was worried about, got wrapped up by moving blankets and no damage was done to them. The guys worked well together and everything was inside my new home in just a few hours. Everything went well, would recommend them to anyone.

​Jim  //  Fort Lauderdale, FL

May 3, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​The moving experience we had with ProMaster Movers met all our expectations. We got a low quote for our desired move, and we narrowed down what we actually were taking. After counting up all our boxes we decided on what kind of truck we would need. Everything was transported smoothly and the moving company clearly had traveled far to get to us. It all went well and nothing was damaged - our move in to our home went as expected too.

​Tom  //  Charlotte, NC

​April 30,  2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​A classmate of mine recommended ProMasters Moving to me after the semester ended. I had gotten accepted a new school about 800 miles away and needed to move all my stuff to Texas along with me. The price was great so I went ahead with it. Movers showed up on time and we were at my new apartment in Texas the next day. Quite a simple move - very efficient work.

​Lydia  //  San Antonio, TX

​April 8, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​I was hesitant at first to go with ProMaster Movers after seeing some of the reviews online. The moving coordinator I spoke to at the company was very polite and extremely knowledgeable. Our movers had clearly done this before and were efficient in moving me out of my old home. These guys are the best and I called the company after the move to thank them again. Very great service - I would gladly use them again.

​Wesley  //  Tampa Bay, FL

​April 7,  2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​This was the second time we used ProMasters Moving in less than a couple years. They moved us in well on or first move to Oakland, and then again this time to Sacramento. They are reliable, and are very thorough in the detailing of every step of the moving process. None of my items were damaged and all the fragile items were safely wrapped up. If we move again I will call them before anyone else.

​David  //  Sacramento, CA

March 8, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​​We used ProMasters this past winter for a move to St. Louis. After researching them a little bit and speaking to their moving representative I was confident they would be able to move us. We went from a two story house to another two story home so there were a lot of stairs in both homes. The movers handled all of it really well as I requested an extra mover to be there because of these stairs. Everything was moved in great, they did an excellent job.

​Ramon  //  St. Louis, MO

March 5,  2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​​​Thankfully a friend of the family recommended ProMaster Movers to us and had nothing but positive things to say about the company and their long distance move. We used ProMaster Movers in January and were very impressed with their level of service and their understanding of my family’s needs. We had a very heavy bed that is used for handicapped individuals and were extremely accommodating as to how we wanted it transported. We will be using them again if/when we have to move again.

​Miriam  //  Fort Worth, TX

​February 21, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

​I’ve always been skeptical about using moving companies and always did it my own way by renting a truck and taking a few days off of work. However, with a family in tow this was not an option and we needed to be packed up, moved, and unpacked in our new home as soon as possible. ProMaster Movers had us packed up within the week of my first call, and on the road to our new home later that same day. Incredible job these guys did moving us, and I will make sure to recommend them to my friends and family.

​Jane  //  Brooklyn, NY