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March 26,  2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

One of the most impressive things we noticed about this move was how professional it was.  The company knew we had to be at our next location (from east coast to west coast) in 5 days.  Their team packed us, set us up in our new home in record time…. and everything landed safely.  We were not only happy, but had no surprises when it came to paying the bill!  This was the first no-nonsense move we’ve made throughout our career.  Thank you Silver Star.

​Jenny and Will  //  Boston, MA

May 16, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

When I got the order to relocate, I had just 2 weeks to make the move.  I never expected I would get my entire family relocated without a glitch.  Silver Star Movers was ready with the right equipment, personnel and especially courtesy.  I was given a quote within 24 hours and knew I had the right company because they were able to research competitive bids immediately.  Price was an option but I was pleasantly surprised at how professional my moving team was.  I will use this resource again and again if I need to.

​Donald  //  Phoenix, AZ

March 3,  2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I have only one thing to say about my move from Florida to Hawaii — it was a breeze.  Silver Star Movers knows their stuff, and although I was not present for the pick up, the drop off was on time, well packed and every little box arrived without a bruise.

​Janet  //  Honolulu, HI

February 22, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Thanks to the internet I found my dream mover, one that handled all the logistics with a phone call, rapid research and a quote I could live with.  The assurance that my contents would make it safely made it even better.  Silver Star delivers, literally.  Thanks.

​Bruce  //  Flint, MI

February 13,  2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

These guys are amazing! This is the second time I used them because I was so impressed the first time and they did not disappoint. They are very reliable, prompt, organized, courteous, and professional. Setting up the move was a breeze and they moved me in and out of my apartment in 3 hours! I would recommend them to anyone who wants a hassle-free move.

​Alexander  //  Miami, FL

February 7, 2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Silver Star Movers made the process stress-free and easy for my family! I received a number of calls regarding my move, and although they were not the lowest price they were extremely thorough and I could tell they knew exactly what they were talking about. The day of the move, everything went as planned and the guys even packed my mattresses for free. I was so relieved when my items arrived three days later in perfect shape. Any time I had questions, they were there to answer the phones and explain everything in detail. You can tell they care about their clients. Highly recommended!

​Jim  //  Newark, NJ

January 27,  2020

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

My husband & I were extremely happy that we chose Silver Star Movers when we moved from Utah. They couldn't have been more cooperative and helpful. The driver was a real professional. Wish I could remember his name. Due to his expertise, every item arrived in perfect condition. We highly recommend Silver Star Movers. Thank you Silver Star Movers!

​Ema  //  Los Angeles, CA

December 19, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I never like letting someone else do work I can do, but I figured to make my wife happy I would give it a shot. Let me start by saying my wife never compliments a company unless they go above and beyond. I can say I was not 100% sure I made the right decision, but in the end I came out looking like the hero to my wife. The crew was amazing and the folks in the office answered any call to help me with an issue on move day. They spoke to the movers and all was resolved. Thank you Silver Star Movers for making my wife happy and my life easy.

​Connor  //  Kansas City, MO

December 10,  2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

What a pleasure it was working with this company. I do not take time to leave reviews however I wanted to thank Silver Star for being there when I needed them most (which was always)!! My 5th move and every move before this was a complete EXPENSIVE disaster. I will highly recommend Silver Star Movers to everyone!

​Jackie  //  Chicago, IL

November 16, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Excellent customer service on their behalf. They did their part by keeping their word when it came to anything. I don't understand a thing about moving so I'm glad they treated me right and helped me out! I'll be using you guys again and referring you all to my friends. Everything was great because I had this wonderful help. Never looking for another company again.

​Ben  //  Providence, RI

November 2,  2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

The whole team was supportive and efficient and as time drew on in the day more help arrived to enable the unload to happen quickly and with very professional efficiency, not a single scratch, mark or breakage. They had good ideas for arranging the boxes to unpack and put everything where it should be. Fantastic!

​David  //  Dallas, TX

October 26, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I am very impressed with Silver Star Movers. We made our initial move of a partial home to stage and get sold quickly. I always felt like my sales rep went out of her way to relieve my stress and anxiety. I have moved several times and was prepared for the worst. It was refreshing to have someone to contact frequently with questions. First move completed and my house just sold! I scheduled my second move today with Silver Star Movers!

​Rachel  //  San Jose, CA

October 11,  2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

They were smart and efficient movers that followed my instructions and asked questions when needed. Their initial estimate was spot on with what I ended up paying. They also offered to recycle some larger items for a nominal fee, which I readily took advantage of (did not want to figure out how to recycle an old box spring). The end cost came to what I would expect to pay with other companies. When comparing costs, keep in mind that other companies often charge additional transport fees and have smaller sized crews so the work takes longer. Overall very satisfied and will be recommending them to friends and family.

​Eileen  //  Colorado Springs, CO

September 14, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

From start to finish, it was a joy to work with Silver Star Movers. My girlfriend and her brother were renting a new home and they were looking for a mover to move them to their new location. Contacting this mover was very simple and they met our requirements for the move. We scheduled a date for the move. The quote seemed very reasonable and with their positive reviews from previous movers, we decided to move with them as agreed. On the moving day, everything went smoother than we could ever imagined. The crew (Alex and his team) were very attentive and quick. Everything in the 2 bedroom house was in the truck and ready to go within a few hours. Once we got to the new location, they helped set everything in its right place. I recommend this mover.

​Brent  //  Boise, ID

August 31,  2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Everything went easily and outstandingly with Silver Star Movers and their fabulous and excellent movers. I couldn’t even imagine such a simple and easy move. Their movers were highly experienced and that’s why my move went smoothly. All my furniture arrived safely and they took great care of every item. I was impressed with the level of professionalism displayed by this mover and how fast the movers packed and unpacked my belongings. I feel like I was very lucky to have found them.

​Kimball  //  Ashburn, VA

August 15, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

This mover is by far the best in town. I have heard my colleagues at work talked about them, but I never gave it a thought until I needed to move a few items, I contacted this mover since most of my colleagues knows how to contact Silver Star Movers, my move was scheduled and everything from start to finish was excellent and 100% certified by me as satisfactory. I love these guys and I will be using them again.

​Raylene  //  East Stroudsburg, PA

July 28,  2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Accountability is this mover second name, Silver Star Movers is on time and a Super delightful mover. I am happy I choose this company for my move recently, I was originally considering on renting a truck and doing the move myself but after looking at the stress involve I decided to just get some movers to help me move. The moment Alex called me I know I found my right company, Alex mentioned details that other companies didn't and all I can say is that Silver Star Movers is a mover to use over and over again.

​Barbara  //  Easton, PA

July 22, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Everything went awesome! I have never had a better moving experience like this before. They arrived on time, in fact earlier than schedule and began working immediately. I got my delivery perfectly. I will be using Silver Star Movers again in the future.

​Jennifer  //  Cheyenne, WY

July 7,  2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

We selected Silver Star Movers due to the timely quote over the phone and the good online reviews. The sales agent went through contents in each rooms with me over the phone, and was able to provide an estimated household content weight and cost. The estimated cost was at the lower range shown in Moving.com, so I selected Silver Star based on the good reviews. The loading dates and delivery dates were provided in a time window in the estimate. This usually is not a issue, except our new condo in Denver has a more strict move-in/move-out procedure; that an appointment needs to be made ahead of time, over weekdays only. This complicated our unloading arrangement, but our Silver Star Movers coordinator was doing his best to accommodate this requirement.

​Dorothy  //  Denver, CO

June 5, 2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

My husband is retiring and because he’s retiring in the middle of the school year, my daughter and I had to move from Forney, Texas to Georgia. Someone quoted me $4000 for the move but we didn't have so much stuff. Silver Star Movers was the best because I only pay 18. They were very professional and accommodating. My experience with the moving coordinator was perfect. Moreover, the mover, Chris, was great. We’re putting the house in Texas up on the market this month and once we're ready to move the rest of the stuff from Texas, we're gonna use Silver Star Movers.

​Sandra  //  Augusta, GA

​June 3,  2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Silver Star Movers did a good job when I used them for my move from Memphis to Houston. The guy running the truck was phenomenal and he did everything. They picked up some local help wherever they are, and some of the workers were really good while some others were not. The ones in Memphis were very slow and didn't really wanna work or were trying to hide in the van. According to the van driver, they spent 2 to 3 times longer than they had to. However, the ones in Houston were great. They got right to work and they worked their tails off. They were done in no time. Then, there were a few things that were damaged. A little night stand got its handles messed up and taken off and so they don't work anymore. But it was a long way and a long ride a lot of stuff being moved, and my stuff went through multiple trips. Still, a few things getting damaged is what one would expect out of a move. I would recommend Silver Star again.

​Jessica  //  Pompano Beach, FL

​May 28, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I moved out of state and I used Silver Star Movers. I estimated my inventory over the phone, and then when the moving company came in, they adjusted it to fit what was actually on the truck. The moving coordinator showed up and took a list of what we had then we put our things on the truck and it was gone. The crew who was here during the move was exceptional.

​Donetta  //  Lewes, DE

​January 27,  2019

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

We were moving about a mile and three quarters and our realtor recommended Silver Star Movers to us. The moving coordinator who assisted us was very professional and very well-organized. He worked around us rather than we working around him. It had been an excellent experience. The actual moving crew came in on a Wednesday and they packed everything up. We had a couple of cases made and we took apart a table and they packed the rest of the table for us. Then, they loaded it that day.

​Clair  //  Pontiac, MI

​May 19, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

We relocated to Wyoming and used Silver Star for the move. We talked with the moving consultant about number of boxes, and it all went very well. And the estimate went very well, too. We had quite a few conversations with our moving coordinator because there was some difficulty getting the truck there because of the weather. So, we had quite a few interactions with the coordinator, and they were all very satisfactory. Definitely would recommend Silver Star.

​Peter  //  Evanston, Wyoming

May 6,  2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I got a hold of Silver Star Movers quickly and they were willing to work with me. Not knowing exactly what I was moving and the timelines, there were some discrepancies. But overall, it came in line to what the quote was. The moving crew and the truck driver were great. They were very flexible. There were two different guys, and the one that on-loaded was fine. The guy that offloaded was fine, too. He was local. So, I was happy with them. I would recommend Silver Star.

​Todd  //  Tampa Bay, FL

​April 28, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

The packers were excellent! They put blankets on your furniture then shrink wrap it. That is all furniture! They took real good care of my stuff that I could see because it was placed in storage. They stayed in contact from start to finish they did not complain about anything and were very polite! I would recommend them to anyone! They work their butt off and made this move smooth.

​Craig  //  Middleton, WI

​April 22,  2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I hired Silver Star Movers Lines back in August for a move from NY to CA. I did not have a chance to post, but wanted to circle back around to leave some feedback. First and foremost it took me 2 weeks to find a decent moving company. It seems that almost every moving company out there has a bad reputation. Silver Star was recommended by 3 different consumer websites as being a top ranked mover. I contacted Justin who gave me a good quote and handled all my questions. On the day of the move they sent 4 guys to pack everything for my family. The guys were very professional and did a great job. This was for a 3 bedroom home and took about 7 hours. I received my goods about a week later with no damages, overcharges or issues. They did what they claimed so I am a happy customer and would use them again if needed. Good job guys.

​Pete  //  Atherton, CA

​April 3, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

Silver Star Movers performed well! My move was pretty complex considering the size, autos and a large trailer. The moving process was grueling and took 3 full days of labor. Silver Star sent a massive crew on 10 people to get the job done. The guys that came out worked so hard and I was very impressed. Keep in mind that movers don't make a lot of money so I was happy to leave them all with a $150 tip each as well as bought them lunch and dinner all 3 days. Even though Silver Star said this was not mandatory I felt compelled considering their hard work. My stuff ended up on 3 trailers and arrived at my San Francisco residence in 4 days. Although the delivery crew was different than the pickup crew they were just as good. I was surprised to see only 1 item get damaged. The fact is the move went flawless. I did not even file a claim for the dresser because it wasn't that important to me. The guys at Silver Star really went above and beyond and I would 100% use them again.

​Chad  //  San Francisco, CA

​March 19,  2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I hired Silver Star for a move from New York to Austin, Texas. The movers were on-time, packed well and provided everything they promised. I've moved before and this was by far the better of my 3 experiences. My rep did a great job walking me through the process.

​Michael  //  Austin, TX

​February 7, 2018

 Verified Buyer   Verified Reviewer

I recently moved from Houston, TX to Wake Forest, NC. I hired Silver Star for the move of my 2 bedrooms apt. The crew was on time, packed well and delivered everything as promised. I experienced zero problems and would use them again. Great guys!

​Sharon  //  Wake Forest, NC