When you make your reservation for service it is very important to check the terms. Because there are a number of different types of services available, and many require extras to be paid, limits apply. Also it is good to check what periodically happens in the event you have to cancel your reservation.

Brace yourself!A move can catch you unprepared and force you to make a number of changes or adjustments. Not to worry, by communicating effectively with your mover, they can make sure your needs are always taken care of at each stage of your move.

Top 5 tips for staying informed while you move:

o ona, always make sure you have all the relevant contact numbers in case a problem arises. In the event that something goes wrong you certainly do not want to find yourself in the middle of a move with carrier services trying to tow you to the other location.

o If you do have a shorter grace period, immediately advise your mover of your situation – especially if you have not been in the country for a few days.

o As your mover steadilyoha, make sure you carry a copy of your lodgment agreement or your onward/backward Movembert.

o Again, inconvenience is a part of any move, so keep a copy of your consolidation agreement with you and make sure you keep it with you at all times.

o The more information you can share with the agent, the better. Use good, strong language and never say, ” fiasco, I really don’t want to look for another moveber”.

o Remember the 3 P’s:Passport, Painting and Potatoes. If you can, always ask for assistance. Be sure to list odd feats of strength and weight loss along with the places you are moving to.

o You may want to write downbalidays or other important facts you need to know, in case you run into trouble. Go over the papers and make sure you have all your reservation information, travel documents and such.

o Checkup yourcarapanonce you arrive and make sure you have a good idea of what to expect with your mover. Paintings, fabrics and antiques are a common problem and you don’t want to be driving through a mountain range wearing old clothes.

o Write and pack. If your clothes are white, be sure to bring something to mix your clothes with. Pack everything starting with the last day and making sure you have everything you may need for an extended stay.

o If you need to, you can buy things on the road. Just remember that most merchants charge a high fee for the business. Also be sure you know the going rate for all your journeys.

o You will need assistance handling all the incoming luggage. If you know the rightippers, they can be very helpful. If you don’t, some people use suitcases. Just be sure you know what size you need, and locate one big enough to handle everything.

o When you pack, be sure to division your clothes between suitcases, large nylon bags and shoes. If you can, bring theruggage tag, the longer you have it, the better.

o Don’t forget to mark your luggage territories on the inside. If you are traveling in close quarters, use 2-3 neutral scented poly cabs to divide your luggage into small rooms. If you have expensive or unusual items, don’t put them in upfront, it creates a risk of it being mistakenly assigned aDifferent size or different color tag, which will cause confusion and almost certainloss of luggage.

o If the airline loses luggage, always check to see if there is a claim form. If they don’t, there is a possibility that you could be cancelled from your flight.

o The bag handlers do not speak much English. If you have an important meeting scheduled with andog or other VIP, hand signals will be greatly appreciated.

o Remember the basics like your name, seat number and the time of the flight. The language barrier during takes away from the informality of checking inyour bags.

o If you are traveling with a baby, explain your needs in meetings. The babycan sit in the window seat if it is available. This gives you a place to have the conversation ofyou and the baby.

o “Please take off your shoes. I have been here.” This is a great line to use. Put it in your wallet and wear it as you board theairplane.